Corcoran Classic Living Favorites : Thanksgiving!

Hey friends, one of the best holidays is just around the corner! Here at Corcoran Classic Living we love the holiday season, and especially love making family recipes and eating our hearts out! We asked our agents for their favorites for Thanksgiving and we have lots of amazing answers! We hope you enjoy hearing from our team, and we wish you an amazing Thanksgiving!

Our team’s favorites:

Owner/broker, Sarah Ellis! “My favorite Thanksgiving foods are collard greens and sweet potato casserole with sweet crunchies (never marshmallows) on top. Gotta scoop the bitter collards with sweet potatoes in the same forkfull!

Realtor, Lauren Crane!

“My favorite Thanksgiving foods are dressing and stuffing. And no… these dishes are not interchangeable, I just have a hard time deciding between the two!! My family cooks a very Southern meal and the star of the show is my late grandmother’s recipe for a pan of southern-style cornbread and biscuit dressing baked to a perfect golden brown on top, (and of course giblet gravy)”

“My in-laws prepare a classic Midwestern Thanksgiving with a savory herb and bread stuffing cooked inside the turkey and topped with a classic brown gravy. Honestly I love them both, and I’m grateful to indulge in both styles for my Thanksgiving feasts.”

Realtor Assistant, Keela Singleton

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is squash casserole! My grandmother’s recipe has been passed on from her to my mom, and now I make it every year. It takes two days to really get it right, and if I am able to I like to try to plan ahead and make it with local yellow squash from Lady Bird Farms 💛 “

Realtor, Haley Hoffman!

“Mashed Rutabaga! Which is my great grandmother’s traditional dish. We only get this once a year, so delish!”

Realtor, Christina LoFontaine!

“My great grandmother baked her family’s recipe of Swedish Rye Bread that was my absolute favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner as I was growing up. She taught my mom and her siblings. And my sisters and I are meeting my mom on Monday to get our lesson in baking it. We’ll keep passing it down the line”

Realtor, Jarrett Martin!

“My grandmother’s lace cornbread and rutabagas, simple mac n cheese with sharp cheddar, and deviled eggs with pickled relish.”

Realtor, Etienne de Rocher!

“My favorite is pecan pie, I never understood why its not served year round.”

Realtor, Michael Littleton!

“My great grandmother’s fresh persimmon pudding or pie, or my homemade beet burgers and crawfish etoufee.”

Realtor, Andrea Wellnitz

“My mom’s sugar cookies… they are really delicious and a favorite in my family – we’ve had fun making them for all different occasions over the years – always make time for Christmas cookie decorating!”

Realtor, Melissa Williamson

“My moms homemade cranberry sauce and Keyes’s turnip gruyère gratin! So good!”

Realtor,Mary Catherine Smith

“Oyster pie that my grandmother made! We have all tried to replicate it, but nothing tastes as good as her home cooking!”