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In 2008, I made the move from the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area to Athens, embarking on a new chapter of my life. Previously, I had immersed myself in various endeavors such as maintaining a century-old apartment building, touring as a singer-songwriter, and bartending at the renowned Chez Panisse. Upon settling in Athens, I found myself continuing this diverse mix, fronting my band Haunted Shed, while also working as a waiter at the James Beard nominated restaurant, 5&10 all the while restoring our Victorian home in the historic Boulevard neighborhood. My wife Maria, our two teenagers, and I also embraced the abundant outdoor activities Athens had to offer, indulging in cycling, paddling, hiking, and various other pursuits.

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Given my background in renovation and experience with historic buildings, I have found that many of my clients greatly appreciate my expertise, particularly since the area boasts a significant number of older homes. Furthermore, my diverse professional history as a creative individual, service industry worker, and landlord provides me with unique insights into generating cash flow from my clients’ properties, all while supporting the thriving local scene here in Athens.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work has been introducing the wonders of Athens to clients from out of town. Whether it’s recommending a painter, unveiling hidden gems off the beaten path, or simply enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of a neighborhood porch party, I love sharing the spirit of this city!

An important thing I learned about Athens after big city life was that even in a small and laid-back city, location still really matters. Being in proximity to the things that matter to you can have an immediate and significant impact on your quality of life, completely altering your day-to-day experiences. With my deep understanding of life within the city, I am committed to helping you identify the ideal location where you can truly thrive.

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