The Art of Athens

Athens is much more than just a college town. The Classic City is home to a plethora of talented artists whose studios are scattered throughout town. There’s also no shortage of free art available to the public; from the Classic Center to the far ends of East Campus at UGA, you can find art that is entirely open for the public to view at no cost.

Driving down Broad Street and through downtown Athens, you’ll pass by murals featuring Albert Einstein, fruits and vegetables, wood-block style birds, and tributes to Athens citizens. Local Athens artists have painted these murals, and each one contributes to the color and history of the town. Bonus: if you visit Ciné, the local theater, to catch a show, you can check out a mural called “Man Down” that honors a late skateboarder from the area. If you head towards the end of Broad Street, you’ll reach the Classic Center, where you can view various art installations hanging within the building. Plus, you get a bird’s eye view of the Foundry below.

If you’re looking to visit a museum, a few locations in Athens have galleries open year-round. The Georgia Museum of Art, located on the University of Georgia’s East Campus, is home to a sculpture garden and various galleries that feature several incredible artists. You can also head over to the Lyndon House Arts Center on College Avenue to explore their varied art collection. The Lyndon House is a historical part of Athens. Built-in 1850, it features a wide range of different local artists, showcasing our city’s incredible cultural and artistic diversity. The Lyndon House offers classes and workshops to people of all ages looking for a creative outlet. You can also roam around the lovely garden on your way out of the galleries!

Some of our favorite local artists have made a significant impact on Athens. Artist Heidi Hensley has made a name for herself designing beautiful illustrations of the Classic City, among other scenes. She depicts busy game days, lively town events and includes landmark Athens spots in her work. Another local artist, Broderick Flanigan, has his own studio in Athens, where he paints beautiful portraits. He also works with children at Athens’ schools by teaching art and leading workshops.

You can check out some of Flanigan’s work (and so much more) near the historical Hot Corner of Athens (intersection of Hull and Washington Streets). Here, you can learn about the history of Black culture in Athens, including the countless Black-owned businesses that have thrived over the years. This area of Athens features art, music, and educational spots that highlight Athens’ Black residents’ work and accomplishments. You can find a beautiful mural by Flanigan, completed in 2019, on East Washington Street.

There is so much art in Athens to explore and so many talented artists to celebrate. From museums and galleries to public murals and open installations, art can be found on every corner of the city. If you’re interested in living in Athens, check out our website to explore our listings. From busy Broad Street to the quieter neighborhoods on Lexington Road, we have plenty of available properties for you to explore. Contact our office to get in touch with one of our expert agents so we can help you find your home here in Athens.