Top 5 Reasons to Live in Normaltown

If you have an old soul or cherish everything retro in life, Normaltown might be the place for you. Normaltown, named after the Normal School for teachers, is located right there on the University of Georgia’s Health Sciences campus (which used to be the Normal School campus!). Normaltown has charisma like no other, as well as a plethora of fantastic restaurants, bars, and hidden gems that make this town anything but average. If you’re still not convinced you can find your home here, we have 5 of our top reasons why you should live in Normaltown.

Incredible Food

Normaltown is a small area, but you’ll never be at a loss for where to eat. There are restaurants open from morning to night to make sure you stay fed all day long. Breakfast waits for you nearby at Big City Bread Cafe, and a platter of pimento cheese, home-baked pita chips, and sandwiches are ready at Marti’s at Midday for lunch. For dinner, try Automatic Pizza, located in the iconic Normaltown Gas station building on Prince Avenue. You can’t miss this one; the vintage gas pumps outside the restaurant and the handmade pies are irresistible.

Retro Bars

Although Normaltown might appear quiet during the day, the evening is an entirely different environment. The nightlife in Normaltown never ceases to excite residents. Try out a swanky cocktail or a craft beer along with some small bites at the Hi-Lo Lounge. You can also stop by Normal Bar for a relaxing drink with some of the local regulars. The Old Pal also has a long list of cocktails to choose from if you’re searching for some more creative drinks and a wine menu for a laid-back evening with friends.

Great Location

Normaltown is located directly adjacent to the Health Sciences Campus of the University of Georgia. Just a few minutes away from Downtown Athens, Normaltown is an arms-throw from the hustle and bustle of the countless restaurants, bars, and venues Athens has to offer. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, the State Botanical gardens are a short drive away. Additionally, UGA’s beautiful North Campus is the perfect place to take a stroll and enjoy the scenery and architecture. 

Music Scene

Athens is known for its famously lively music scene. The culture of music in Athens is embedded in the nightlife, and it’s easy to find live music wherever you may end up in town. Normaltown is even home to a record label called Normaltown Records. Go check out a live performance at Hendershot’s Coffee on Prince Avenue and grab yourself a cup of joe or a glass of something a little stronger at the bar. 


Living downtown definitely comes with its perks, but more often than not, it’s hard to find a comfortable living space within a walkable distance to the best parts of town. Normaltown is small, yet mighty; it’s incredibly convenient to bike or walk to restaurants, stores, markets and bars. There are also plenty of bus routes in case of rain! Talk to one of our agents to learn more about finding the right location for you in Normaltown!

You can learn more about Normaltown by visiting the town website. If you’re interested in leasing or buying a home in Normaltown, Athens, visit our website to explore the available homes for sale or rent, or contact us at our office! Here at Corcoran Classic Living Real Estate, we want to help you find your perfect home.